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In the permissions dialog that the system displays when you call requestPermissions(), it tells what permissions your app needs, but not why. This can sometimes confuse the user. It is recommended that you explain why your app needs those permissions before you call requestPermissions().

A user’s willingness to grant permissions to a given app is greatly affected by the purpose associated with the permission. For example, a user’s willingness to grant access to their location will vary depending on whether the request is made to support the app’s core functionality or to share that information with an ad network or data analytics company.1

After the user sees an educational UI, or the value displayed by shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale() indicates that you do not need to show an educational UI this time, it requests permission. Users see a system permissions dialog in which they can choose whether they want to grant a particular permission to your app.

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When you have too many contacts, it is normal that many times someone adds you to their list without you knowing who it is. WhatsApp also allows you to decide who can or cannot see your status and photo. It’s as simple as:

How many times does your phone warn you that you are low on storage space and to delete data? Don’t think twice, because WhatsApp also helps you delete information you no longer use on your device. How?

WhatsApp makes you a list of all your contacts and which ones take up more data on your phone. Choose the contact you prefer and delete what you want (you can choose several options from photos, Gifs, etc…) Very important! If you don’t want to lose the information of that contact, before deleting anything, make a backup copy! This way even if you delete the information from your phone to have more space you will always have it saved in case you want to see it again (we explain how to make a backup below in related articles).

Many times we create groups on WhatsApp just to share important information. In order for that information not to be scattered with the comments of the group members, you just need to follow these steps:

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The Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system It was released in October 2015 and is very popular among Android users today. This new version has brought with it new features and an optimized power management system that ensures to.

Il Call log on Android devices is an actual list / history with all the calls made and received in a certain time interval. Sometimes, the call log is used more than the address book itself, as it allows us to find

It is really frustrating to find out that you have deleted or lost important data from your smartphone. There is no safe data on your phone and it is easy to delete photos, SMS messages, Whatsapp chats, videos, contacts or various documents. At the moment

Those who own and use an Android device will surely have many applications installed on their mobile / tablet. These can be games or apps to manage files or for entertainment. When you purchase a new cell phone or tablet, you always

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How WhatsApp encryption worksIn November 2014, the developers of Open Whisper Systems have announced a collaboration with WhatsApp aimed at bringing their system to end-to-end encryption (TextSecure) in the popular messaging app.

Have your friends told you that it’s possible to make free calls via WhatsApp but unfortunately you can’t enable this feature on your mobile? Very rare. WhatsApp introduced the possibility of making calls via VoIP, i.e., through

Install WhatsApp on SamsungAs I told you at the beginning of the guide, install WhatsApp on Samsung is very easy: below you will find explained how to do it and how to configure the application so you can start using it immediately.Enjoy your

How to add a girl on WhatsAppFrom the moment you ask yourself how to talk to a girl on whatsapp, First I must explain how to add your contact on WhatsApp. You can do this by using the address book of your smartphone or directly